Long Lunch & Wine tasting

$50 per person

min 20 - max 30 people

See how different wine flavours affect the way wine and food tastes.

  • Wines will be tasted with a nibble platter of flavours – Sweet/Bitter/Salty/Spicy.
  • How and why do you taste wine – and look like you know what are doing.
  • I’ll show you a couple of tricks on how to improve cheap wine.
  • Taste 2 white wines and 2 red wines with taste platters.
  • Choose a glass to have with your main meal.

Sample Lunch

  • Korean Chicken Bowl.
  • Braised chicken, pineapple, grapes, brown rice, gochujang chilli.
  • Crumbed Lemon Sole Fillets.
  • Leek potato mash, green beans, bacon sprinkle, hollandaise.
  • Chefs Pie.
  • Creamy mash, buttered savoy cabbage, gravy.

Optional Extra

Dessert & wine match $18 per person

  • Dessert Duo
  • Matched with a tasting of two dessert wines.
  • Or full dessert menu available for those who want it $13.50 each.
  • Additional glasses of the tasting wines will be available for purchase.